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Brackit New Hand Tools

The expanding DIY market means higher demand for quality products.

Brackit has been successful over the years through its tapes, dust protection and assortments ranges. As we continue to grow those categories, Brackit's range of hand tools has been developed to meet the increasing needs of the DIY enthusiast and professional alike.

We’ve listened closely to the likes, dislikes, needs and expectations of our customers to develop a range that offers more comfort, safety, storage and even extra fittings for convenience.

The new range includes Wide Mouth Wrenches, Heavy Duty Staple Gun Set, Contour Gauge set, Universal Socket Set, 3 in1 Stripper Crimper & Cutter, Premium Screwdriver Set, VDE Screwdrivers and Rivet Gun Set.

You can discover the range in our Hand tool leaflet here or on our youtube channel here.

Available now on Amazon, Ebay or direct from us for Trade

All products are tested and approved by professionals.

We’ve nurtured close relationships with established manufacturers to be able to offer you the highest quality product at the lowest possible price.

With head office and warehouses located in the UK & the Netherlands, our team is committed to providing excellent service and quick turnarounds.

Get in touch for more information

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