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About Us

Solutions to deliver results that our customers are proud of…

The Davilex Group brings together two highly dynamic businesses with an outstanding portfolio of brands. We merged back in 2019 the two marques into a single company with one goal - to offer great quality, affordable products which deliver results our customers are proud of. 

We have grown three reputable brands supplying consumer packs, kits and multipacks to customers across Europe from our three Distribution Centres in the UK and Netherlands. We deliver goods on a daily basis to either our customer’s warehouses or homes. 

Our Brackit range is centered around quality DIY products for DIY newbies or trade professionals. Over the years, we have nurtured close relationships with established manufacturers to provide a wide choice of products ideal for home improvement projects as well as minor repair work. 


If it’s office solutions you require, our Deskit range allows you to store, present and show off your proudest work moments with a range of specialist laminating solutions and office protection and organisation. And last but no means least, our Edukit range combines fun, colour and magic to bring arts and craft supplies to young and enthusiastic artists. 

Our mission
To provide a wide range of distinctive products and full support to make any project enjoyable, affordable and achievable to anyone

As our business has grown in loyalty, so too has our reputation. We have devoted a lot of time to build a unique relationship with our audience and our fully accredited, established suppliers. This enables us to work together and ensure we stock high quality, affordable products that please our customers and get the job done. 

Three Brands - One Vision

At Davilex Group, we believe that quality products should come at a great price. Our mission is to make DIY, presentations and creative activities enjoyable and affordable. As we continue to build all three brands, our product line broadens as we offer a tailored range for each and every customer. We offer single packs and kits for individuals at home, and multipacks, bumper packs and carton sales for businesses. So whatever your budget or requirements – we’ve got you covered. 
Our customer support teams are capable and reliable, with all three brands offering fast and efficient assistance around the clock. With trust-worthy support and great quality products, we believe that the perfect shopping experience is here with Davilex - and you will too.  


Trade Account?

Are you a regular or volume Buyer? You can make the most of your budget by opting for a trade account with us. Our trade accounts will allow you to benefit from a number of additional services not available to the general public. 

Contact Us

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We’d love to hear from you, if you have any questions or would like to share your experience please get in touch through our contact form or e-mail us at

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Head Office : The Atkins Building, Lower Bond Street, Hinckley LE10 1QU 

Registered address : 5, Bethune Road, N16 5BW London 

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