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Davilex Group continues to grow amid COVID-19

While the COVID-19 pandemic poses profound economic implications - in addition to the lockdown’s effect on our day-to-day lives - Davilex Group has prospered throughout this unprecedented challenge upon the UK business sector.

Adhering to government guidelines and prioritising the health of staff, partners and customers is paramount; so, most Davilex employees are now working from home. Meanwhile, the internal team of suppliers consisting of warehouse staff have prevailed in response, by continuing to meet the demands of orders & enquiries.


As a result of widespread homeschooling and home-gym exercises taking place, the Edukit brand has been restocked with Craft Kits and black foam mats after selling out across Europe.

Despite Christmas being the typical peak period, over February and March Edukit has exceeded those sales by 81%; presenting the opportunity to expand further across Europe and continue to provide customers with creative resources at a uniquely important time.


Throughout the first quarter of 2020, the DESKit brand has excelled due to the provision of laminating pouches to a variety of public services, such as Hospitals and City Councils.

The astute expenditure of budgets is essential for public services at this time, as are their communications. Consequently, their demand for quality supplies at reasonable prices has contributed to the sale of nearly 3,000,000 laminating pouches at discounted rates. This comes just ahead of another peak period for DESKit as school funds are allocated in April.


Home DIY has become a preferred activity for many of the UK’s homeowners as they self-isolate. With DIY stores unable to open to the public, Brackit’s online sales have increased drastically - including a 180% increase in sales of hardware tools and various fixings - since the lockdown was implemented.

Farah Farmah, General Manager adds "As a business, we have faced some challenges to be able to keep up with the demand and deliver our products on time. Our growth is a great achievement for a small online business like ours and it’s also an opportunity to supply quality products support people at work, at home and make a difference in their everyday life."

Davilex Group supplies product lines from three distinct brands, committed to providing enjoyable & affordable solutions to DIY, presentations and creative activities. To learn more about Davilex’s brands, please visit or for more information, contact Davilex via their website or call 02039 835544.

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