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Matt vs Gloss: Which Finish is Best for Laminating your Documents?

The type of finish you will choose for your lamination pouches will depend on a number of factors. Often, it is a question of choice about whether you’d prefer a shiny, high-profile, slightly textured look or if you need something clear, smooth and sophisticated.

Which finish should I use for laminating? Here is our checklist of questions you should ask yourself before your purchase…

1. Will You Need to Write on the Document?

2. What Look are you Trying to Achieve?

3. How Will the Document be Used?

4. What is your Budget?

5. What Else Should You Consider?

1.Will You Need to Write on the Document?

If you are laminating a calendar or to-do list, you might like to add dates or notes to your sheet once it has been finished. With gloss lamination, you can use a dry erase pen for temporary notes, however, a matt finish allows for permanent marks to be made using a ball point pen or marker pen.

2.What Look are you Trying to Achieve?

While any kind of lamination will give your document an air of professionalism, the feeling that you are trying to convey will determine whether you’d prefer a matt or gloss finish. A glossy laminating sheet will make any colour or images really stand out in your document, with the texture encouraging light to bounce off the surface for a brighter, bolder finish. However, a matt laminate has a much subtler affect that makes it easier to read the text in the document but has less of an impact on any images. The end result is far classier and great for documents that have to make a good first impression for your company.

3.How Will the Document be Used?

While the thickness of the laminate used is an important indicator of durability, the finish can be just as important. If yours is a document that will be passing through many hands, will be folded, or is to be hung in an area of high traffic, a gloss finish will provide the best protection, preventing the document from being tarnished by fingerprints and scratching. Matt offers some protection, which can be enhanced by choosing a good, thick laminate (150 to 250 microns) but gloss is best for documents with increased risk of damage.

4.What is your Budget?

Matt tends to be slightly more expensive than gloss for a number of reasons. The effect is more natural and sophisticated than gloss, giving it a look of higher quality. The way it feels is slightly more enjoyable as well, with a softer, velvety texture, as opposed to the smooth texture of gloss. If presentation is important and budget allows, a matt finish is the best choice to run through your machine for laminating.

5.What Else Should You Consider?

When looking to purchase laminating sheets, you should decide what size and thickness of pouch you will need. Our matt range includes laminating pouches in A4, A3 and A5 size, so you can choose the ones that will best suit your project. We also offer two different thicknesses. Choose 150 microns for everyday use, giving you a more flexible finish, or 250 microns for documents that need to last longer but have a more rigid shape.

To check out our brand new matt range, or for more information and guidance on how to use your laminating machines, visit

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